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How To Make ROSIN (Rosin Pressing) And Choose A Variety Of Rosin Pressers

The simply described way to make Rosin is this:

1.Take a rectangle of parchment paper and fold in half the long way.
2.Take a bud and place in the center of the fold in the parchment
3.Place wrapped bud in preheated hair straightener or Rosin press and press.
4.Remove “squished” bud and collect rosin.

Let me elaborate on all of these steps.

When selecting parchment, it is best to select a natural or organic option, if possible. Allow enough room for the bud to “stretch” as it is squished, and room for the oil to spread around the bud.

** An additional tech that came along, is called directional flow. After folding paper in half and loading product into the center, Then fold each side diagonally on each side of bud, as to direct the pressed oil towards the front of the created pocket.

The biggest key to Rosin is the beginning product. High quality fresh nugs and bubble hash will produce the finest quality rosin. Another factor is that every strain will product different results. Start small, experiment, and with good results, continue. When pressing bubble or shake, use an unbleached coffee filter, tea bag, or specialized rosin bags to prevent plant material getting into your fresh rosin!

How To Make ROSIN (Rosin Pressing) 1

Tips for High Yield Rosin Pressing

When PRESSING there are 3 KEY factors. TIME of press, and TEMPERATURE of plates and PSI! Since every strain of cannabis will react differently, you’ll need to play around with time and temperature to find what works best with your product.

How to Find the PSI of a Rosin Press

To find the PSI of your setup, take the pressure (tons, lbs, etc.) and divide it by the surface area of your plates. I would recommend staying above 1,000 PSI for an effective press.

3″x3″ plate on a 10-ton press
3 x 3 = 9 sq in of surface area
10 tons = 20,000 lbs
20,000 / 9 = 2,222 pounds per square inch (PSI)

Best Temps and Time for Rosin Pressing

When it comes to finding the best time and temp for rosin pressing, you weigh the benefits of yield versus terpene preservation. Nobody can really give you the best exact time frame, it’s something you need to feel out with the press you’re using.

Hot press is 190–240°F for 30–180 seconds. Hot pressing rosin gives an oily or shatter consistency. The terpene profiles may not be as carefully preserved, but yields are higher than cold pressing.

Cold press is 160–190°F for 60–300 seconds. Cold pressing rosin makes a thick budder consistency. The best terpene preservation, but yields are lower than hot pressing.

Terpenes often degrade at over 250°F. Flowers (buds) are usually pressed hotter than bubble hash or sift, which extracts fine at lower temps.

Recommended Temps
Buds: 180–230°F
Hash: 160–190°F

When collecting rosin, if product is sappy, place on a moisture-absorbing surface to stiffen.


How To Make ROSIN (Rosin Pressing) 2

If you want to process more than a gram or two at a time, you’re going to want to invest in a rosin press with a higher PSI. Simply put this is a shop press, bottle jack or hydraulic press with 2 heated plates.

DIY Rosin Press Plates Kit

You can fit an custom DIY kit onto a standard hydraulic shop press to turn it into a fully functioning press for making rosin. These DIY rosin press kits include rosin press plates, heating rods, double PID controller and cords.

Rosin Press Plates Kit

Caged DIY Rosin Press Plates Kit

Caged rosin press designs help to keep plates in perfect alignment during operation. The extra stability provided by the frame ensures steady long-term usage with consistently flush plates.

Caged DIY Rosin Press Plates Kit


Manual Rosin Press

The next cheapest option and most reliable, but it will make you work for it. If you’ve ever jacked up a car, well this is the same jack. No extra features to worry about and total control make this the best option for a beginner. Don’t forget your PSI! Have plates in mind before buying a press, or check the sizes when buying a kit. (**T Shirt Presses and the like, do not work well for this reason)

Best Cheap Manual Press:

rosin press 230C-2X (9)

Personal rosin press is the most lightweight model in our press line (G.W. only 5.5kg). Despite being compact, this manual machine generates up to 400kg of pressing force. The press features sturdy construction, a locking lever mechanism, adjustable pressure, 50 x 75mm dual heating insulated solid aluminum plates, temperature controls located at the top of the press, and a convenient carrying handle. Portable, sturdy and efficient, it is perfect for personal desktop operating or pressing during travel.


Hydraulic Rosin Press

A hydraulic rosin press uses hydraulic pressure to create the force necessary to extract rosin. No air compressor needed! Once the pressing plates are heated to the desired temperature, simply crank down the hand pump in order to operate a hydraulic rosin press. When shopping for a hydraulic rosin press, look for a high pressure model, starting at 10 tons (20,000 lbs).

Most Affordable Best Hydraulic Rosin Press:

Hydraulic Rosin Press HP3809-M


How To Make ROSIN (Rosin Pressing) 5


10 Tons of crushing force and is equipped with 75 x 120mm insulated solid aluminum dual heating plates, precise temperature and timer control with a built-in power conservation option, and a carrying handle. The pressure and ram speed is controlled by simple pumping of the cranking handle. The press purchase includes a 3-prong power cord, pump handle and instruction manual.

Hand Crank Rosin Press

Hand crank and grip twist rosin presses are another manual design featuring high pressure, temperature-controlled heated plates put together into plug-and-play, rosin making machine. You will want to bolt this model onto a secure surface for best results.

Best Rosin Press Hand Crank Model:

http://www.frivlatino.com/ 7-5x12cm-rosin-tech-twist-manual-smash-rosin-heat-press .html

EasyPresso MRP2 Twist Rosin Press is easy to use when extracting herbs at home. Just set your desired settings on the controller, wait until the insulated heat plates heat up, and rotate the twist handle to apply necessary pressure. When done pressing, rotate the handle counterclockwise, remove your pressed material, and enjoy the freshly squeezed oil.The press machine comes with a user’s guide and AC power cord.


Dual Heating Plates Rosin Press HP230C-R

EasyPresso MRP3 is intended for small businesses and personal use. The heat extraction press features a hand-wheel mechanism and allow to apply maximum pressure. The dual heat solid aluminum plates ensure an even heat distribution for the best results. The touch screen temperature and timer controls allow you to set and save press parameters for mufti-batch pressing. The temperature control can be easily adjusted to show settings in Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on your preferences. The MRP3 is easy to use, and no additional equipment or parts are required to start pressing.


Pneumatic Rosin Press

While a pnuematic rosin press will cost you a little more, if you’re looking to press rosin long term this might be your best option. Pneumatic rosin presses are easy to use. Simply press a button and your press is activated! You’ll also need an air compressor to go with this one.

Best Cheap Pneumatic Press for Rosin:

http://www.frivlatino.com/ 10-12-ton-bho-rosin-tech-hydraulic-pneumatic-rosin-heated-press .html

EasyPresso HRP12 Air & Hydraulic Hybrid Extraction Press is industrial strength hybrid heat extraction press produces up to 12 Tons of force and is built for mass rosin production. The heating plates are made of food-grade stainless steel or insulated aluminum to prevent heat loss to other parts of the press. The two Independent controller allows you to set temperature for upper and bottom platens and uses a lower recommended temperature settings to produce premium quality oil with the best aroma, taste, and clarity. The press is equipped with pressure gauge, and double start button that prevent you from starting press if your hands are in the way of the moving parts.


Electric Rosin Press

EasyPresso ERP10 Electric Rosin Press is electrical powered, Say Goodbye to Oil-leaking hydraulic Press and noisy air compressor of pneumatic press.Just hit “Press” button to start pressing and hit “Release” to separate. This press is is equipped with dual precise temperature and timer controls. It’s sturdy made press and can generate Max. 10T pressing force.

electric rosin press (1)


Post time: May-12-2021
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