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          Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machine – Botanical Decarboxylator Machine for Herb Dryer & Oil Infuser

        1. Model NO.:


        2. Description:
        3. Decarboxylator & Oil Infuser (Model: TH01)?is an absolute must-have for the wellness-minded infuser. It’s a well-designed kitchen appliance that Heat-activated or Decarb Cannabinoids from flowers, Terpenes and to be herb-infused Butter, Oil, Honeys, and more. No matter your herb of choice, TH01 removes the guesswork and the mess-work, all at the push of a Controller. With intelligent time and temperature controls, just set it and forget it. For baked goods, sweets, gummies, dressings, salves, and sauces, you can enjoy it by Cooking, Baking, and more.

        4. Style: Oil Infuser with Decarb
        5. Activate Temp.: 230/235/240/245/250 °F(110°C, 113°C, 116°C, 119°C, 122°C)
        6. Infuse Temp.: 70°F -212°F /20°C -100°C
        7. Pot Capacity: 300 - 700ml
        8. Blender Motor: 80 Rad/min
        9. Dimension (L*W*H): 20.5*25.3*20.3cm
        10. Packaging (L*W*H): 28*36*34cm
        11. Gross Weight: 4.5kg
        12. Certificate: CE, UKCA
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